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Denton Salon
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Located in Bartonville serving Denton and surrounding areas.

Denton Hair Salon, Eyelash Extensions and Facial Spa

Classic Eyelash Extensions

FULL SET | 2 hours

The CLASSIC set gives you a natural mascara look and is perfect for anyone trying lash extensions for the first time or wants to enhance what they already have. It offers a variety of lengths, curls, and thickness to flatter your unique eye shape. Say goodbye to your mascara and lash curler!

Touch Ups:

  • Standard : 2-3 weeks from your last fill/full set - 60 Minutes
  • Ultra : 3-4 weeks from your last fill/full set - 90 Minutes

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Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

FULL SET | 2-2.5 Hours

Not sure if Classic or Volume lashes is right for you? Hybrid gives you a mix of both while adding length and thickness. It gives you more than the "Mascara Look" Classic gives you, and it also creates more depth and texture giving you the appearance of eyeliner and mascara. Hybrid is where most clients start out at to get a nice blend of thickness and length.

Touch Ups:

  • Standard: 2-3 weeks from your last touch up/full set - 75 Minutes
  • Ultra: 3-4 weeks from your last touch up/full set - 95 Minutes

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Volume Eyelash Extensions

FULL SET | 2.5-3 Hours

A VOLUME set is the most popular and is a step up from Hybrid, creating even more density. Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere between 2-8 thin lashes applied safely to each individual lash while maintaining natural lash health. Each lash extension fan that is applied is handmade during the appointment, which is why it takes longer than a Classic set. Volume can be lighter on your natural lashes and is great for brittle and damaged lashes. This set is customizable to you and your lifestyle, so we can create a natural volume set or dramatic volume set.

Touch Ups:

  • Standard: 2-3 weeks from last touch up/full set - 90 Minutes
  • Ultra : 3-4 weeks from last touch up/full set - 120 minutes

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Ramon's Hair Design Eyelash Extensions

If you want to put some lush in you lashes, give us a call.

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